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Gas 2-Tank Fryer (2-Basket) with Cabinet
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Product Name: 2-Tank Fryer (2-basket) with Cabinet

Model: GF-985
Size: 800×900×970mm
Hp: 32kW
Net weight: 138kg
capacity: 28L/tank with SIT valve

Competitive Advantages:
1.It is made by good quality stainless steel, beautiful and luxurious appearance.
2.The product adopt middle heat,four fire tubes under fryer tank,four burners heating in the middle,equipped with fire-blocking plate in the middle of fire tube,bring about higher thermal efficiency,energy-saving.

3.Fire tube is located at middle lower position of tank,oil temp rises quickly,scrap is at the low temp underlayer of tank,not deep fry repeatedly,extend oil life.

4.Adopts advanced temperature control valve,temperature control has 7 positions,temp range is 120-210 centigrade.with electric ignition and flameout protection device.

5.With overtemp protection device,when thermostat failed and oil temp is over 213 centifgrade,overtemp protection device will cut gas source off through electromagnet valve,to avoid spill accident due to high temperature.

If the temperature gets higher than your assigned degree of temperature ,the gas burners will shut down.And when the temperature gets lower than the assigned degree of temperature ,it will turn on again.So it will keep to thetemperature constant to the needed   assigned degree of temperature

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Mr Định : 0918 542 912